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The Nelson Photo News



Roving Camera


Technicians working on the installation of the new 25 watt television translator on the hills. At the time of going to press the translator still required modifications and once these are made the televiewer should get better all-round performance from the set.


Two well-known R. S. A. personalities, Ned Mulcahy and Percy Farghar, who left Nelson recently for a tour of the British Isles and the continent.


Have you ever heard of a man who owns two Rolls Royce cars and who walks to work? Seems strange, doesn't it. Yet that's what "Duffy" Hall, of Hira, had to do recently. His other car (the third) broke down. The two Rolls Royces are both vintage vehicles, the one pictured here with Duffy and A A chief patrol officer Dennis King being the one he more recently acquired. It is a 1922 model. His other one which followed him out to New Zealand from East Africa is of 1920-25 vintage.