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The Nelson Photo News



Roving Comera


David and Pat Myles returned to Nelson from Wellington for the Plunket Society's golden jubilee cabaret. David was recently appointed sub-accountant at the Lambton Quay and Featherstone Street branch of the A. N. Z. Bank.


This small cairn, easily visible from the Nelson-Murchison road close to Korere, is a memorial to the pioneers of Hope Valley. A small plaque attached to the cairn contains the names of Robert Edgar, Robert Win, John Rait, John Ribet, Thomas McConchie, George Moonlight and George Batt.


Working under the Council of Christian Education,' voluntary teachers of religion help with instruction in State primary school. Seen here, with Michael Robert and John Shaw, are some of the teachers - Mesdames Trixie Shaw, Frances Rankin, Isobel Knowlea, Melva Belcher, and Zell Bell and Mr Cedric Carey.