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The Nelson Photo News



New Home For Hospital Library

During the 32 years that Toc H has been in charge of the library at the Nelson Public Hospital, it has helped to brighten the lives of countless thousands of patients. Last month the Hospital Board recognised the valuable service given by the organisation when it provided the library with a new home on the ground floor at the main entrance. The library, gay with the colours of hundreds of dust~ Jacketed books, was officially opened at a small ceremony recently. With the purchase of about £360 worth of new books, the library is one of the best stocked in Nelson. There are still a few empty shel-ves, and the library committee of Toc H would welcome more books - the books you read and then let gather dust over the years.


Messrs D. G. Naylor, E. Lacey (chairman of Toc H) and H. G. West, chairman of the Board, take glance at the selection of books after the opening.


Members of the Toc H Women's Association, Mesdames R. Matthews, Lacey, G. Hewlett, E. Rapley, Miss A. McArtney and Mrs H. G. Dawber also found the selection interesting.


Four stalwarts Jack Mounter, Bob Kinkaid, Keith Gellatly and Fred Way