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The Nelson Photo News



Land Development in Golden Bay


The development of beach resorts in recent years in the Nelson-Marlborough area, is being extended to the Golden Bay. At Marahau, which adjoins Sandy Bay and the Abel Tasman National Park, an area is being developed by the park board as a camping ground and a further area is to be privately developed for sub-division. To facilitate this development and to serve the area, a landing strip was recently completed by Messrs Cyril Harvey (Sandy Bay) and Jim Pannell, Nelson's flying furnitureman. It is the only tourist area outside Nelson which is served at its front door by a strip of this size.
This pic shows Jim's aircraft drawn up on the newly-completed strip while Jim and Cyril Harvey discuss the surrounding country and the Harvey family, complete with pony, have a good look at the plane.
(All pix by Roy Dixon, Travelogue Films)



An aerial view of the area showing at bottom right the area to be developed by the board as a camping ground and at left (on the spur) the site of the private venture and further left the strip.


Take-off from the new runway