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The Nelson Photo News





Craig-Heath. At St. John's Methodist Church, Nelson, Ruth Esma, daughter of Mrs J. and the late Mr Heath, 95 Kawai Street, Nelson, to Douglas Abercrombie, son of Mr and Mrs A. M. Craig, 437 Main Road, Stoke. Attendants were Verna Cowan, Nelson, chief maid, Ian Mannering, Christ-church, beat man, Richard Parrot, Charistchurch, and Lyndsay Noble, Christchurch. Future home, Christchurch.


Boswijk-McDowell. At St. John's Methodist Church, Christine Lynn, daughter of the Rev and Mrs M. A. McDowell, 320 Hardy Street, to Eelco, son of the late Dr. J. G. and Mrs Boswijk, Holland. Attendants were Gerrit van Asch, Christchurch, best man, and Valwyn Hedgman, Nelson, cousin of the bride, chief maid. Future home, Nelson.