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Roving Camera


Mrs Lawson Fraser and her family were left in no doubt as to their popularity when the time came for them to depart from Nelson on the first stage of their trip to Ghana. Lawson had left a week earlier to take up his Unesco position of arts and crafts director in Ghana. At the airport to see Mrs Fraser and their five children off were school friends of her children from the Tasman Street infants', school and from the Intermediate School. This crowd was swelled by many friends. At left is Mrs Fraser with her family. Barry (centre rear), Joanne, Graeme, Sharalyn and Diane.


Heavy rain on March 10 brought down a couple of slips on Rocks Road, by Magazine Point, and while the rain continued the trip around Rocks Road was a rather precarious one. The next morning a city council grader got to work and tidied up.