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The Nelson Photo News



Roving Camera


Two Canterbury visitors admire the Motueka Jaycees' direction-finding indicator erected at Kaka Pah Point, Kaiteriteri, Land on which the indicator stands was given in 1942 by Mr W. E. S. Rowling to the domain hoard as a centennial memorial gift.


Morris Amos and Denis Win step the masts in their keelers, Serenade and Oyster. Morris had just launched his new boat and Denis had been doing a refit.


While trawling near Kaiteriteri beach during December, a £150 net on Mr Colin Priest's trawler fouled a Hudson bomber which crashed in 1943. The net was later recovered by skindivers Allan Wiechern and Dan Castle, and they brought back with them pieces of the aircraft, still in a remarkable state of preservation. Seen here with the net and a piece of what could be part of the bomber's wing structure, are Colin Priest, Allan Wiechern, Dan Castle and Brian Wiechern.