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The Nelson Photo News



Roving Camera


The busy time of baccy and hop planting has long since ended and the hoeing is probably well under way. Getting ready to plant out on Keith Fowler's property at Riwaka are Sally Bradley, Sharyn Goodall and Stan Bradley.


Stan Brown and his bride came home from their honeymoon to find this giant stork (and bundle) decorating the roof of their new home in Suffolk Road, Stoke. Such was the size of this busy bird that it could be seen quite plainly from the main road.


Healthy exercise is part of the training received by Life Boys at the Church of Christ, one of whom is seen here going through his paces at parents' night. At bottom left the boys enjoyed this game where stealth was all important. Here Graham Burrows is all alert, but has not yet discovered the creeperupper. Below, during same game, David Cotton heard our cameraman and the finger of suspicion was pointed at us. Peter Boniface found it somewhat amusing.