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The Nelson Photo News



Early Nelson

A procession along Trafalgar Street about the year 1917. Heading this one is Tom Newman in one of Newman's coach-and-four, renowned in those days, according to Mr F. N. Jones who took the pic, for the high-stepping horses used for the coaches.



Could you today credit a wave this size around Rocks Road, yet that is where Mr F. N. Jones took this pic on March 14, 1910, and got thoroughly drenched in the bargain.


Sir Charles Kingsford Smith's Southern Cross at tne Stoke airfield (where 2XN aerial is today), on March 18, 1934. A little earlier Lady Mary Smith opened the aero club's new hangar (background). The hangar, incidentally, has an interesting history. When the Stoke airfield closed the hangar was shifted to the present airport, modified slightly and during the war was shifted to make way for air force hangars. Today it serves as a goods shed at Mapua.


J.Baird's fruit and produce store as it was in horse and dray days


The Alligator Band, 1908 vintage, before setting off to take part in a procession. The alligator, made of dressed white pine, was the brain child of Mr F. N. Jones. Its head and tail were balanced to swing and sway.
(All pics by Mr F. N. Jones)