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The Nelson Photo News



Harbour Boards Confer

Harbour boards from all parts of New Zealand ana port authorities overseas were represented at the annual harbour boards' conference at Nelson last month. While the 80-odd board members conferred, their wives were shown some of the beauty spot of Nelson and the district and the conference concluded with bus trips to Motueka and the Port of Nelson and the reclamation.


Mr M. H. McGlashen, Nelson board chairman, shows Messrs H. C. Meyer, Australian Port Authority representative, B. E. Keiller, national president, and W. H. Brotherson, Maritime Services Board of New South Wales, points of interest on this huge aerial picture of the port and reclamation.


The conference was opened by the Minister of Marine, Mr R. G. Gerard


In animated discussion: Messrs W. C. Perkins, Port of London Authority representative, and Mr H. R. Young, Port of Liverpool Authority.


Further tourist and camping facilities in and around Nelson have been discussed recently and while there are two favourite schemes for expansion, it is unlikely that either can be proceeded with for several years. A large body of opinion favours the use of Rabbit Ialand and another section is keen on establishing a camp site on reclaimed land at Wakapuaka. In the meantime, however, efforts should be made to ensure that prospective visitors are not turaed away for want of accommodation. Only the Maitai and Brook street camps have the room to expand to any great extent. Facilities are another thing. At Brook street a bathing pool of some description is urgently needed. The picture above shows a small section of the old reservoir at Brook street camp. From a cursory inspection it seems that the erection of one wall and the filling of the floor to allow a maximum depth of about 7ft, would provide the camp with a first class bathing pool. An alternative scheme - the damming of the Brook Creek at the camp - has also been suggested. A play area for the camp is another necessity.

Then there is the matter of changing facilities at Tahuna beach, the lack of which was deplored in newspaper correspondence recently. Below is the building that houses the only changing sheds on the beach, which are not considered adequate for the purpose.


Rabbit Island, the logical site, in many's opinion, of Nelson's future playground. The island is Crown Land, the majority of it vested in the Waimea County for afforestation purposes and 448 acres of it as a domain. At present it is poorly reticulated and access is difficult. In the summer it is a tremendous fire hazard. But the time may come when a causeway and bridge from Monaco will give better access and provision made for camping and tourist accommodation.



An area of mud flat close to Sunny bank (seen at top left) which has been marked as a possible site for a motor camp and tourist site. For such a camp about 750,000 cu.yds. of filling would be required, and at an estimated average cost ls.9d. a yd the cost would be over £65,000. The whole scheme - still only at the embryonic planning stage - could cost £100,000 to complete. It would probably need to be a private venture.


A model of the proposal. The reclaimed land would abut the boulder bank and an area around the land would be dredged to a depth of about 4ft for swimming and water skiing. Provision has also been made for a salt-water swimming pool.