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The Nelson Photo News



Here and There


David Salmond, of Southern Telecommunications Ltd, makes a final quality check on a model St-V2, a V.H.F. radio-telephone, which he has manufactured. Mr Salmond has his workshop at Nelson Airport and the fully transistorised r/t is assembled there. The model is a high performer and will be considerably cheaper than current ones on the market. Also made is another version for aircraft


Hard working officials at the national road running championships check their results. At the lower right is Harold Nelson and, on the left, is Robbie, local harrier veteran. Behind Harold are Rosemary and Alan Hunter, but we were unable to identify the others


Surveying has come a long way since the pioneering days of the late 1800s. Sophisticated instruments, ranging in value up to $15,000, were on display at the annual conference of the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors, in Nelson. Demonstrating some of the equipment are Tony Stevens (Wellington), Marshall Croy (Christchurch), Nigel Partleton (Christchurch), Peter Kinsella (Wellington), Gordon Smith (Nelson) and Ray Older (Nelson). The futuristic piece of equipment Mr Smith is carefully adjusting is an electronic distance measure, which works off infra-red light. It's worth about $8000