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The Nelson Photo News



Crashing and Splashing

Haven Road was the scene of a couple of accidents, recently. Two cars were involved in a collision which resulted in one vehicle ploughing into a sign and stopping in a garden, and the other bouncing off railing bordering Saltwater Creek and ending up facing the direction it came from. No one was injured. In the other prang it was a case of a hot car being cooled off. The car was taken from Paru Paru Road, late on a Saturday night, and then parked in Saltwater Creek. Some people have strange ideas of where to leave cars.


The Auckland Point School sign was the only casualty in this prang. Oh yes, and the car too


"Now how did that get there?" The car was successfully towed from the creek. At one stage, water was almost over the roof. And the lights were still on


The other vehicle in the two-car accident, with the damaged railing