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Over Cover

This month we feature Nelson Olympian welterweight boxer Jeff Rackley, shown here wearing the Jameson Belt, which he has won twice. Rackley, 19, a medical student, has won five national titles in a successful boxing career, and inclusion in the Olympic Games' team is the pinnacle of his success. In only three years of senior boxing he has won three titles and the Jameson Belt, for the most scientific boxer at the national championships, twice. There is more about our Olympians in this issue.

Back Cover . Rodney Dixon, 21, is well known to most Nelsonians. His successes have been publicised extensively. But behind these successes there is much hard work; many hours of constant slogging over roads, across country, and up and down hills and sand dunes. Regardless of weather, athletes must train to reach that peak of fitness which brings international reward. So, if you think middle distance runner Rod Dixon is lucky to gain selection in the New Zealand Olympic side as a 1500 metre runner, spare a thought for the gruelling preparation he has undergone. Our photo shows him training on the Nelson Golf Couse.