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A Kiwi Who Carves Kiwis

Under the skilful hands of Mr H. Hargreaves of Grove Street, ponga palm trunks are carved into exquisite vases. And, from the ponga at the base of the tree, he shapes lifelike kiwis. Mr Hargreaves, now retired in Nelson, spent 53 years farming on the West Coast, seven miles north of Karamea. With the same hands that he now delicately carves model kiwis and vases, he hacked back bush to clear land for farming. Kiwi carving became Mr Hargreaves's hobby about 10 years ago and, when he shifted here three years ago, he continued the work. Unfortunately, ponga is not plentiful locally, so he has to obtain most of it from the coast.


Here the vase is shaped on a lathe. Natural patterns in the wood add to the attractive appearance


Before and after. One of Mr Hargreaves's vases stands on the trunk from which it was carved. The soft pith is gouged out and the wood shaped on a lathe