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The Nelson Photo News



Large Loads Shifted


One of the 70ft Sin beams for the Tutaki Bridge is manoeuvred around a corner, south of Brightwater, on the 5½ hour journey to the bridge site. Six beams were shifted by two transport units simitar to that shown. Irvine's Freightlines trucks towed the beams which virtually became drawbars for the unmotorised trailer units at the rear. Each beam weighs 21 tons and is 4½ft high. The six beams form the basic span for the bridge and the decking will be built on them. The Waimea County Council has let the bridge contract for $43,300, and another $15,000 is being spent on approaches. The main contractor is C. Thelin and the beams were built by Stresscrete


A 30ft x 10ft section of a huge door for the New Plymouth power station is lifted onto a truck at the Ministry of Works' Nelson workshop. Each of the eight doors for the power station is made up of three panels like this one, to form a 30ft x 30ft structure. Each door required between 6000 and 9000 pop rivets. Similar sized doors for several New Zealand power stations have been made at the Nelson M.O.W. mechanical section. Six sections for two doors were loaded onto this truck and each section weighed about a ton. The eight doors for the New Plymouth station are worth about $22,000. The doors have an aluminium frame covered with a marine plywood, which has light aluminium sheeting bonded on each side