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Looking Around Westport

Buller Section

Many people have said to us that they have been very interested in the occasional article we have featured on the West Coast, particularly Buller, so we have gained a Buller correspondent, Bruce Macdonald, who will provide us with a coverage of goings-on in that area from now on. We hope this material will be of interest to all our readers, and we also feel that Buller folk will welcome the coverage given them.

Now you Buller people! If you have anything you may think is of interest, give Bruce a ring – 7153 by day and 8394 in the evenings. Make a note of those numbers.


Our man in Westport – Bruce Macdonald


The three new councillors elected to the Westport Borough Council are Bruce Macdonald (left), Peter Cheyne (centre) and Dick Williams, with Mayor Bill Craddock (second from right) and Deputy Mayor Peter Roselli (second from left)


You may think this is a shipwreck. Actually it's the dredge "Mawhera, " which was beached to enable repairs to be carried out on the buckets