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Plunket Federation Formed

A federation of sub-branches was formed at the recent 59th Annual Meeting of the Nelson branch of the Plunket Society. Nelson will now be a sub-branch and, along with others, will supply three delegates to the Nelson federation committee.


Plunket officials at the meeting included Rita Chisnall (Nelson branch and federation secretary), Anne Jones, Stoke (the first federation president), Graham Anderson (treasurer), Gloria Longley (Dominion Councillor), and Jean Miller (Nelson branch and sub-branch president)


Among the delegates were Thora Webster, Nance Win, Betty Thoroughgood (all from Dovedale), Betty Hodgkinson, Tapawera, and Jocelyn Wadsworth, Dovedale


The three Murchison delegates were Bernice Fairweather, Colleen Watson and Alison Oxnam


Getting down to the serious business of a Plunket meeting