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The Nelson Photo News



It Sure Beats a Barrow

This handy machine is the Kairangi hydomobile concrete mixing plant which Nelson builders Kelvin Hart and Ian Thorn used to lay foundations at the Nayland pack house site.

The plant scoops up ingredients, mixes and delivers them. Mr Thorn estimated it saved them using four extra men on cement work. The plant has a 90 gal. water tank at the back. Its mixing bowl holds about three tons of wet concrete.


From the mixing bowl concrete is poured down this channel to the boxing. No barrow work on this job. At the left is lan Thorn, operating a vibrator. Assisting with a shovel is Noel Davis and driving the plant is Kelvin Hart


The plant scoops up ingredients on the site and then tosses them into the mixing bowl. The materials can be weighed by the driver and any excess tipped back onto the stock pile. The 90 gal. water tank can be seen at the back