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The Nelson Photo News



First Harris Cup Leg to Nelson

The first Harris Cup soccer match between Nelson and Marlborough was a pretty humdrum affair with Marlborough almost concentrating entirely on defensive tactics in the second half. Not the sort of way to win a match when trailing 1-3. Last year in the first leg, Marlborough beat Nelson 3-1 but were beaten 5-0 in the second leg so Nelson retained the trophy. The second leg this season will be played at Blenheim.


Two high flying players contest possession, the Nelson man using his feet and the Marlborough player (striped jersey) his head


The Marlborough goalie (No. 1) punches the ball clear under a Nelson attack. One Nelson player is Brian Nichols but we could not identify the other


The ball flies clear in the Marlborough goal area. Brian Nichols appears to be charging in the wrong direction. No.11 is Nelson's Bruce Thomson