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The Nelson Photo News




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Coppell-Jameson. Catherine Elizabeth, daughter of Archdeacon B. D. Jameson, the Vicarage, Brightwater, to Tony Robert, son of Mrs E. R. Coppell, 516 Waimea Road, Wakatu. (Rod Neill Studio).


Edridge-Thomas. Christine, daughter of Mr and Mrs J. C. Thomas, 22 D'Arcy Street, Richmond, to Grahame, son of Mr and Mrs W. E. Edridge, 25 Maitland Avenue, Stoke. (Kingsford and Baigent).


Lyall-McDonald. Gail Isobel, daughter of W. H. McDonald, 27 Sutton Street, Richmond, to Michael Leslie, son of L. E. Lyall, 40 Bledisloe Avenue, Stoke. (Cooper-Sharp).


Eggers-Savage. Betty Ann, daughter of Mr and Mrs K. M. Savage, 32 Oxford Street, Richmond, to Colin William, son of Pat McCarthy, Auckland, and Bill Eggers, Upper Moutere. (Cooper-Sharp).