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Council Proposal is Criticised

When preparing for alterations to its Planning Scheme, the Nelson City Council asked the Nelson Regional Committee of the New Zealand Historic Places Trust for a list of buildings of historic interest in Nelson, with the intention of making provision for these in the scheme.

The list was prepared in five groups, these being set out in order of importance. This was done so the council, if it wished to restrict the number included in the planning scheme, could omit the last groups. But it took the extraordinary step of taking a few buildings from each group thus removing some of the most important buildings to allow the inclusion of some of the least important.

The council proposes to include 13 of a list of 25 in its town plan.


Mr A. W. Bowman, chairman of the Nelson Regional Committee of the N. Z. Historic Places Trust, with a plaque to be erected on Britannia Heights


The Bridge Club in Nile Street was one building on which both the committee and council agreed. The committee listed it last and the council deleted it from the list


But Cobb House in Washington Rd., was deleted by the council and it was listed sixth by the committee. More than 100 years old, the house is a fine example of buildings of its era. It was listed in group A: Buildings of sufficient national or regional importance to be worthy of preservation, preferably without alteration. The council included other buildings considered less important by the committee


"While the regional committee is naturally disappointed that its advice, based on expert knowledge, has been at least partially ignored by a group which cannot claim such knowledge, it is pleased that the council has taken the first step in recognising the importance of these buildings to the character of Nelson, " said the committee chairman, Mr A. W. Bowman.

Mr Bowman said the Historic Places Trust is entitled to appeal to the Town Planning Appeal Board if it considers the council's decision sufficiently in error. The decision to appeal must be made in Wellington as the local committee does not intend further action until the Planning Scheme is renewed in a year's time.


St Barnabas's Church, Stoke, was listed in group B: Buildings of sufficient regional importance to be worthy of preservation, but where alteration or additions to continue a use may be necessary or even desirable. It is included in the council's proposal


Houlker House in Richmond Avenue was listed by the committee as a building of considerable local importance and was also included by the council in the final 13.


The Catholic Church in Manuka Street was considered of regional importance but not of the standard or historic importance of buildings in the same group as St Barnabas's Church. The Catholic Church was placed in the category because of its spire. The council included it