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Work On Hockey Fields - At Last

After much discussion, and a few angry words between the City Council and hockey officials, work has started on two hockey fields at Tahunanui. Earth, clay and rubbish material has been used as fill for the six acre site, but no sawdust, once suggested as a fill, has been used. About 700 feet of 24 inch pipe has been laid and this will not only drain the hockey fields but will also assist drainage from the nearby rugby fields.

Progress on the area depends mainly on weather, and it appears unlikely that hockey will be played there next season.


A view of the area looking towards Beach Road, and Below, from Beach Road. The fields will be adjacent to the Modellers' Pond



Two views of the main drainage of the field. Left-From the Hounsell's Circle end, and Right, looking back along the drain to the Modellers' Pond. Bad flooding of the adjacent rugby fields should be alleviated by the drain


Ions or eartn are pushed onto the pipe by this Highways bulldozer, driven by Ian Rush, Inset