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The Nelson Photo News



"Calamity Jane" At Motueka

(Photos: Shuker's Pharmacy)

The Motueka Operatic Society has assembled a talented and keen group for its annual production. This year the players are to go west, to the Black Hills of Dakota, the stomping ground of "Calamity Jane". The show, to be presented next month, is being directed by Ula Fraser.


Principals of the show: Danny Gilmartin (David Lewis), Doc Pierce (Ian Munro), Katie Brown (Jennifer Lockwood), Bill Hickock (Peter Clementson), Calamity Jane (Shirley Lockhart), Susan (Marie Chadwick), Mr Miller (Terry Mitchell) and Francis Fryer (Richard Davy).


Cowpokes Bruce Cederman, Ian Holland, Dean Lusty and John Harris enjoy the company of the Golden Garter saloon girls June Hunt, Catherine Miles, Brenda Baikie and Marilyn Gent.