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The Nelson Photo News



"Orpheus in the Underworld"

(Photos: Peter Cooper Studio)

The fanciful, imaginative world of Greek mytholgy is the setting for this year's Nelson Operatic Society production. And to cap it all, a slight, modern twist. That is "Orpheus in the Underworld", a delightful comic operetta with some magnificent music and a rib-tickling story. The operetta has been in production for many weeks now under the direction of David MacKenzie and the musical directorship of Keith Woods. The season of eight days opens tonight at the Theatre Royal. And if you haven't booked book now. This is a cracker!


'A leetle grape?" An offer from Jupiter (Ron McDougall) no less.


Lucky Pluto (Bruce Martin) draws the admiration of the nymphs


The Huntress Diana (Joy Wells)


Chorus of nymphs and shepherds