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The Nelson Photo News



Airport Emergency

Severe icing of an air intake filter on the port engine of the Aero Commander of Golden Coast Airlines forced its pilot, Captain "Brad" Bradshaw, to shut down the motor over mountainous country and continue the flight to Nelson on one engine. The engine began to run roughly when the aircraft, on a flight from Greymouth, was at 9000ft. near the 6126ft. peak of Mount Owen. A general alarm was sounded at the airport and units of the Nelson Fire Brigade, police and traffic officers converged on the airport. But Captain Bradshaw made a perfect landing and the emergency passed. Above - The aircraft comes in to land closely watched by Civil Aviation Department firemen at the ready.


A perfect touchdown (note feathered prop on the port side)


Ice from the filter lies on the ground as the engine is serviced.


Captain Bradshaw (right) confers with mechanics during an inspection of the engine.