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Roving Camera


Parking space for new vehicles at the Motor Assemblies plant in Quarantine Road was at a premium during the Cook Strait ferry dispute. At the time of writing, well over 100 cars and trucks were awaiting shipment.


A tense moment during a very tense game between two unbeaten teams in the 8th grade rugby. Celtic and Nelson played to a scoreless draw in as exciting a game as you could find anywhere.


Using stones found on the Motueka Beach as models, staff of the Motueka South School, an education board officer, parents and pupils of the school, transformed this corner of the school into a feature corner. The huge stones in the background are of concrete over steel and wire frames moulded to conform to the outlines of the stones found on the beach. Displaying part of the shrubbery and rock garden are Mr Barry Ashby, the education board's nature study and science specialist, and head prefect, Glenys Stilwell. Others who had a hand in the project were caretaker, Mr Gordon Haldane, and master, Mr Don Brownlie. Pupils held a sweet stall day to raise money for the project. (John R. Sharp Studio).