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School of Music Reopened

The refurbished School of Music, damaged by the 1968 Inangahua earthquake, was reopened earlier this month. And what a difference the exterior presents to the passer-by. Copings have been removed, walls have been strengthened and gables replaced by hip roofs. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the school and its reopening, a festival concert was held on July 11. Here, the School of Music Orchestra paid a compliment to the late Mr Julius Lemmer, principal of the school from 1899 to 1944, by presenting to a big audience a "Grand March" composed by Mr Lemmer. The march was found in the school's archives and the orchestra's conductor, Mr F. Clayton Oxley, scored an incomplete piano part and finished several other parts for presentation. Our pix show the newlook building and, at Right, the audience and orchestra of the school during the reopening ceremony on the evening of July 11.