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The Nelson Photo News



The Changing Face of Nelson

The face of Nelson and its skyline have changed considerably in recent years and big changes are expected in the future. Much of the building is taking place at Port Nelson.

One of the most beautiful buildings to be erected recently is the new Cawthron Institute block. This has been built almost behind the institute's museum in Milton Street. This pic of the building (ABOVE) was taken from the old building on the hill.


Additional storage space has been provided in this addition to the warehouse of Motor Specialties in Achilles Avenue.


Another building recently erected at the port is shared by Plumbing Specialists and blacksmith Ken Kernahan (the most swept-up blacksmith's shop we've ever seen).



Roofing iron tailor-made for the job emerges from the long-run roofing iron machine housed in this building of E. R. Freeman Ltd at the port. Part of the building is also used for grocery storage.


This building is to become the workshop of Tom Sharland, boilermaker and engineer. Tom hopes to be starting work in it within the next few weeks. It also is on the reclamation.


A very small section of what is to be the new intermediate school in Nayland Road, Stoke. When this pic was taken little of the building complex had been completed beyond the foundation stage.