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The Nelson Photo News




In 1949, the Nelson Repertory Theatre delighted hundreds of theatregoers with its presentation of George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion". In more recent times the play, as a musical "My Fair Lady", broke box office records throughout the world. Now, in 1970, repertory is to present "Pygmalion" again. The play will run for eight days from July 11 to July 17, and for it, producer Michael Allison has assembled an excellent cast. Cast in the role of Professor Henry Higgins is David Perrot who at Right has words with the other star of the play, Eliza Doo-little (Janet Coote), while an urbane Colonel Pickering listens to the harangue.


Higgins and Eliza practise correct vowel sounds.


The ladies, Clara (Carole McNickle), Mrs Higgins (Betty McLean) and Mrs Eynsford-Hill (Jeanette Mackay), swop a little gossip.


Freddie Eynsford-Hill (Richard Rainey) gets the rough edge of Clara's tongue while Mrs Eynsford-Hill, Eliza and Colonel Pickering look on.