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Saved From a Water Grave


Colin Beckett, a seaman on the Australian vessel, "Wongola" (Right), survived a trip to a watery grave to tell "Photo News" of his terrifying experience while sailing on his last trip from Australia. The vessel is a motor-sailer (she carries four large sails), and it was while she was encountering heavy beam-on seas and 70-knot winds while crossing the Tasman, that orders were given to reef the mainsail. Colin was one of the seamen involved. He was working on the sail when a huge wave broke over the deck and swept him overboard. Fortunately, he was gripping a rope at the time. "I've never grabbed anything so tightly before," he said. Fate then took a hand and a following wave threw him back on board the vessel where he was grabbed by one of his mates.
Colin told us he had two things to do immediately he returned to Australia - sign off the "Wongola" and take a ticket in Tatts.