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News from Home


Greetings from all of us back here in Nelson to all you boys in the R.N.Z.I.R., Nee Soon Garrison, Singapore. And a special greeting to Private Peter McKenzie, A. Coy, seen at Left talking to Minister of Defence (Mr Thompson) during a recent visit to the garrison. We hear you enjoy your "Photo News", Peter. Hope you get a kick out of this one. Any other Nelson boys there? Tell them we'd like to hear from them. The pic Below was taken at the same time, during a general salute, Peter, folks, is a son of Mr and Mrs P. McKenzie, 50 Emano Street.


Another Nelsonian serving with the forces is Ken Last-Harris, a mechanical engineer on H.M.N.Z. S. Waikato. Nice to see you again, Ken. We hear that the last time you were featured in "Photo News" you were helping out another service - the Fire Brigade. Gee, that was a long time ago. But we'll say no more. Hope we're still managing to entertain you with "Photo News", Ken. Same thing applies to all you other Nelsonians aboard the Waikato, or anywhere else in the services. We'd very much like to hear from you - with a picture, of course. Ken, incidentally, is the only son of Mr and Mrs R. Last-Harris, 652 Atawhai Drive, Nelson.


By the time this is published Auntie Jenny Piket will have returned to her home in Dordrecht, near Rotterdam, Holland. She has been on a six weeks' visit to New Zealand and stayed with her brother Bill, his wife Milly and their children Jenny, William and Susan. This was the first time Bill and Jenny had seen each other since Bill came to New Zealand 18 years ago.