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The Nelson Photo News



Roving Camera


Poppy Day, and outside the Post Office Harry Mason and Mick Wadsworth latch on to Barbara Jarrett as a prospective poppy buyer.


We caught Norman (Ena) Bourn in his office sipping a nice hot milk stout (whoops, sorry, cup of tea), during the Isel Museum appeal. Seems like Norman had a problem. He had received this hairnet from world-famed Ena Sharpies (Violet Carson) of "Coronation Street", as a prize in a raffle he was to run for the appeal. Problem was, how to keep the prize safe. As you can see, he found the answer. And that's not a bad imitation of Ena, either, Norm.


Away they go, boys, girls and fathers, as the Trafalgar Harrier Club opened its season from Pioneer Park. Quite a few dads are running with their children this year, we hear.