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The Nelson Photo News



Our Cover

We've devoted our cover picture to the rough and tumble sport of stock car racing. The Tasman Stock Car Club began its operations about two years ago, and the sport has caught the imagination of young and old alike. A lot of thrills for spectators and drivers, and for pit crews who spend hours working on the cars. Featuring in this picture are the major place getters in the championship race held recently. From left they are Ron Colquhoun (driving Noel Hancock's car), 3rd, Rex Wells (Dave Pannells car), 2nd, Chris Guard (the champ), and Don Brown (Bob Sopp's car), 4th.

Our Back Cover is a swept-up version of a similar pic we ran last issue of the Mobil Song Quest group finalists from Nelson, Sharon O'Neill and Nancy Richman, and accompanists Tony Hale (guitar) and Elston Blain (bass).