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For Milady

Red Lady Ice Box Cake

(By Courtesy, Mrs Gloria Longley, Left).

Soak: 1 tbspn gelatine in quarter cup cold water.

Combine in a saucepan and bring to the boil: 1 tbspn cocoa; pinch salt; ½ cup water; third cup sugar. Add the gelatine and stir till dissolved.

Mix 3 teaspoons instant coffee with ¾ cup hot water. Add to gelatine Chill in mixing bowl and when part set, beat till light. Add ½ cup unsweetened condensed milk and whip until fluffy.

Cut slices of sponge cake to fit a medium-sized loaf tin. Sprinkle sponge with orange juice. Place sponge slices in tin, cover with coffee mixture. Add another sponge slice and cover with coffee mixture. Repeat until tin is full. Chill or freeze for several hours. Turn out of tin, coat with cream and decorate with orange slices. nuts and chocolate chips. Serves 8-10 slices.

(Mrs Longley makes several at a time and stores them in a deep freeze till required).

Here it is, ladies - a page devoted to your interests. On this occasion we reprint the recipes of the three "Isel Ladies", Next month we will have something different for you. Any ideas? We'd like to hear them.

Gold Lady Butterscotch Pie

(By courtesy, Mrs Molly Abrahams).

Ingredients:- 2 eggs; cup brown sugar; cup milk; 2 tbspns flour; 2 tbspns butter; 2 tbspns water; vanilla; salt; 2 tbspns icing sugar; 1 lb sweet short pastry.

Method:- Put egg yolks, sugar, flour, milk, butter, vanilla and salt in saucepan and thicken; add to short pastry.

Beat egg whites and icing sugar together; spread on top of mixture and bake ½ hour or so.

Blue Lady Baked Fish

(By courtesy, Mrs Mary Dixon).

Ingredients:- 1 ½ lbs filleted snapper (about 50 cents).

Sauce:- 3 ozs. flour; 3 ozs. butter; ½ pint milk (or a little more).

Flavouring:- ½ teaspoon Tarragon; 1 desertspoon grated onion or chopped chives or 1 small clove of garlic crushed with salt; pepper and salt to taste.

Method:- Butter deep, fireproof dish; slice fish through the thickest part, lay in dish; melt butter, stir in flour, add milk gradually, beating well till thick and creamy; cook a few minutes. Add all seasonings. Pour over raw fish, sprinkle with crumbs; bake in oven at 350 degrees for about ¾ hour. May be topped with grated cheese and returned to oven to brown, or placed under grill until cheese melts. Garnish with parsley, tomato, for colour. Suggested veges: Green peas, baked tomatoes, chipped potatoes. Serves four at an approximate cost per head of 15c.