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The Nelson Photo News



Roving Camera


Visitors to Nelson have been loud in their praise of the Progress League's "Welcome Booth" below "Walter's Bluff" on Atawhai Drive. Staffed by volunteers, the booth has become the first call for visitors arriving in the province from the north. Information, tourist pamphlets, a glass of orange, wood chips, cigarettes and a warm welcome have been given by the staff. At Right, Mr Jim Chisholm, chairman of the tourist promotion committee, points the way for visitors. At Below Right, two young volunteers, Susan and Danny Kennedy, members of a family which arrived in Nelson only five weeks earlier.


"Wattie" Higgins, a mechanic at Tractor Services, Richmond, feeding a sparrow which has almost become a pet in the last three years. The bird, and his missus (or missuses) have raised three families in the workshop and are quite tame.