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The Nelson Photo News



Murchison in the News

(Peter Cooper Studio).

The Murchison Golf Club closed its winter season recently, and most members turned out for the final club day. Left: Ernie Kennedy and Colin Gill conserve their energy while waiting for their turn on the tee and, right, a budding young golfer takes a critical look at club president Tom Monahan's follow-through.


Nelson Savings Committee representative, Mr Bates, presents a certificate of merit to Rebecca Thurlow. She accepted it on behalf of the Murchison District High School which obtained the highest percentage of banking days for the year in the Nelson district.


Fathers' Day at the Murchison Play Centre brought John Radcliffe and Ron Schwass to the centre to see their children in action. At right: This little one is wondering if she should really be in the bath while she bathes dolly.