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New equipment for Station 2ZN arrived in Nelson recently and a team from Wellington joined with local technicians in installing it in the new building. The equipment, costing some $44,000, was all made in New Zealand. Examining one of the control desks is local technician, Terry Sutton (top), while Brian Emmett, of Christchurch, carries on sorting through the maze of thousands of wires in, the main distribution frame (below).

Alan Cooke, a member of the Harewood Golf Club, Christchurch, loves his golf, but he's under doctor's orders to take life very easy. So that Alan can still get his game of golf in, and yet not have to walk the course, brother Bob Cooke, of Motueka, built him this snazzy little motorised golf kart. The club officials in Christchurch have approved the idea of the kart for Alan, and Bob delivered it recently. The kart is fully sprung, upholstered and can accommodate two golfers and their clubs. Its top speed is no more than walking pace. Such karts have been in use in many countries overseas for many years, and it could well be that golf clubs throughout New Zealand may permit their limited use for players suffering from physical disabilities. That's Bob in the kart.