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Butter Home-made Style

We're pretty certain that the pictures on this page are going to recall many memories for a lot of the older folk. For 18 years, Percy Bartosh has been making butter for Mrs and the late Capt. M. M. Moncrieff, "The Cliffs", and for his own household. Last month we stood by him as he turned a bucket of rich, Jersey cream in to the most delicious homemade butter you ever tasted. He was aided by two unusual pieces of equipment - a Manson and Barr churn belonging to Mrs Moncrieff and a butter-making machine, both of which are about 60 to 70 years' old. We don't have the space to go fully in to the process used by Mr Bartosh, but most of the older generation will recall the sterilisation of equipment, the washing and all the other little chores associated with butter-making. After sterilising the churn, Mr Bartosh fills it with the cream (right), then uses the unusual treadle gear on it to turn the barrel over and over(below left). After the butter milk has been run off, the butter has salt added to it and is then kneaded on the butter-making machine(below). And the result - a tray full of rich, yellow butter.(top left)