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The Nelson Photo News



News From Home

Are you keeping in touch with loved ones overseas through "Photo News"? We know that thousands of New Zealanders are, and a lot of these are Nelsonians. How about giving them a big surprise? Give us a tingle at 87574 and we'll come up and take a pic of your family for inclusion on this page. And if you have a picture of the relatives or friends you have overseas, all the better. We'll print that, too. Remember, this page is for all those Nelsoniahs overseas. They'd love to see Your faces on it.

And now a word or two to all you folk "over there". This is your page. We would dearly love to hear from you (with a small picture, of course). That way, we can give Your folks a surprise back home in Nelson. And thank you for your kind remarks about "Photo News". As one correspondent from Australia wrote: "We read our letters from home first then settle down to a good old browse through "Photo News" and it's just as if we are back home again."

Some News For Canada

Here's a picture (above) which should prove of great interest to "Bob" Clifford, way over in Toronto. There she is, Bob, that lovely big 1250 Mercury outboard you sent across to dad. And don't mum and dad (Rita and Bill) look very pleased with it! To tell you the whole truth, Bob, dad's tickled pink with it. The pic, as you realise, was taken over at the bach at Marahau.

"Bob", folks, is the youngest son of Mr and Mrs Clifford, of Marybank. He went to Toronto in 1965 to study at the Canadian Chiropractic Memorial. He graduates this month (after gaining very high marks) and intends to return to New Zealand early next year. While in Toronto he married Jean Airnes, a former physiotherapist at the Nelson Public Hospital, where she first met Bob. She is working as a physiotherapist at the Orthopaedic and Arthritic Hospital in Toronto. At top left is a picture of Bob.

Over To England

Just before Christmas, Lawrence Bowman, the eldest son of Les and Ruby Bowman, 108 Parkers Road, left Nelson on a working holiday. Today he's working at Hove for the Sussex County Corporation. "Lawrence was formerly a clerk at the Nelson Harbour" Board. He hopes to be back home at the end of this year. Well, Lawrence, everyone's well at home, or they were when we took this pic of the family. You recognise them, of course, Clifford, Leonard, Stewart and Margaret, and mum and dad.