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The Nelson Photo News



People And Their Hobbies

One of the most fascinating hobbies we've come across since we commenced this series is gecko hunting and rearing. A gecko is a branch of the lizard family and they're to be found in specially selected areas of bush and scrub, in the trees. But you've got to be quiet, and you've got to be quick. Gary Fisher and Ken Kernahan are both. That's how they've managed to establish a little colony of geckos at home on Mount Pleasant Avenue. They've been collecting the little reptiles for about 18 months and already have four different species. Feeding time is a bit of a problem, for the geckos eat small insects. This means that both boys also have to go insect hunting. At the moment they have quite a big family of them, 22 adults and seven babies. That's Ken and Gary (right) and above are some close-up shots of the geckos.