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The Nelson Photo News



Roving Camera


While huge logging trucks streamed along the Annesbrook highway, Mr Darcy Ching, of Marsden Valley, relaxed in his dray and let his Clydesdale draught horse plod along towards home. Not that many years ago the sight of a horse and dray on the streets was so commonplace that few, if any, would have stopped to photograph it. Today, however, a horse and dray at work on a highway is an uncommon sight and we had no hesitation in reaching for a camera.


The latest piece of equipment purchased by the Nelson Harbour Board is this dual-purpose, track-mounted crane - a handy piece of equipment for places where tyred vehicles cannot go. It can easily be converted for use as a dragline, or for trenching or similar work.


Tremendous excitement displayed by girls of Nelson College for Girls as their house relay teams race towards the finish.