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The Nelson Photo News



A Lesson in Grooming

When we popped into-the Nelson Intermediate School recently, we found home science mistress, Mr W. J. Ratcliffe, supervising: three girls of a special class in the art of personal grooming - a branch of the homecraft course. The girls learned how to set their hair, make and apply face packs, to manicure their nails and to maintain a good posture. While there, we also watched Raelyn Griffith and Anne Sutton serve a six-course meal they had cooked, to masters, Messrs R. J. Carter and A. D. Hoather. (below left)


Janice Elliott, with her hair set, receives a face pack from Mrs Ratcliffe, as does Raelen Colvin.


The finished product.


While awaiting her turn, Rosalie Russ gives herself a manicure.