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The Nelson Photo News



Car For A Star


Success comes in many forms. With Elvis Presley it has come in the form of a healthy bank balance, showers of gold discs and a gold Cadillac which chews up gas at the rate of 7 miles to the gallon. This gold-plated car of Presley's, valued at some $75,000, but without the gold, was on view in Nelson recently, and a lot of people paid to see it. Bereft of its gold, the exterior of this 1960 model car is nothing to write home about. The interior, however, is something else again. The upholstery is plush gold frieze with pearl buttons, and the rear compartment contains a record player, radio-telephone, television, floor-mounted shoe polisher, tape recorder, a refrigerator and a hundred and one other gadgets.


The car, as hundreds saw it.


The view in front of Presley as he lounges in the rear compartment.


A section of the gadgets and, bottom right, the rear view.