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Roving Camera

Ever hoard the old story of the Irishman and the railway engine? The punch lino is "off again, on again, gone again, Finnegan." It would appear that we could apply the same punch line to the new traffic lanes in Collingwood, Hardy and Bridge Streets. Now you see them, now you don't. These lanes are the subject of a story elsewhere in this issue. Since we wrote that, and sent the copy to the printers, the new lanes have been taken up again. Why? Because the inside ones are too narrow, so we were told. But they're going to be put down again and left down for a three-months' trial. And if at the end of that time they're not satisfactory, up they'll come again.

And here's an interesting piece of information we obtained. The decision to put these lanes down was made by the last Council months ago and the NEW traffic committee of the council Wasn'T Told The Job Was To Be Done Until It Had Been Done. And, we believe, some of the committee now regret it was done. Somebody's slipped up somewhere:


This Ministry of Works road roller took a tumble from the back of its transporter in Wainui Street when a securing chain snapped. No real damage. Nobody injured.