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The Nelson Photo News



Nelson Landmark Demolished

For more than 100 years, the pillared entrance to the Bank of New Zealand in Trafalgar Street provided a small oasis of beauty among the more mundane commercial buildings in the street. Now, this.lovely old building has gone, a victim of age and progress (?). Its death knell was sounded at the time of the Inangahua earthquake last year. The front section of the bank was cracked badly in places and deemed dangerous and the decision was made to replace it with a modern structure. And so the wreckers moved in, and section by section the building tumbled until only the front was left. And then that too crumbled before the power of the bulldozer heaving on it (above). While it was being demolished, the old building served one last purpose - the entertainment of a large section of Nelson which paused, while hurrying along Trafalgar Street, to watch the efforts of the contractors and the rubble tumble. (Bellow)



The dust had not begun to clear as workers moved in to clear the rubble.


Contractor, "Snow" Edgar, "framed" in a window of the old building.


A pneumatic drill is used on the old bank vault.


Even destroyed, the old building continues to be useful-as filling for the Aurora Sailing Club's launching ramp.