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The Soccer Scene

Soccer has been in the news in Nelson recently. The Nelson United Club's senior side has been in hard training for some time for the expected play-off for admittance to the Central Regional Soccer League this season, but again the game was cancelled, on the eve of the team's departure for Palmerston North.


National coach Mr J. Schwanner talks to players at Waimea College during a coaching session in Nelson he demonstrate's ball control. Recently the New Zealand association dismissed Mr Schwanner from his post because of a breach of contract.


At the annual meeting of the Nelson association were John Bissett (Suburbs), Ian Fraser (City) and Bill Crowe (Wakefield). the association's "big three", secretary Ray Kerslake, president Syd Guppy and senior vice-president, Jack McKnight.


The team hard at it in preparation for a game which did not eventuate.