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The Gisborne Photo News



The Nettle That Kills

Some time ago much attention was focussed on poisonous stinging nettles, when a deerstalker in the Wairarapa district was fatally stung by a more lethal variety of the nettle family.

It is not generally known, but within quarter of an hour's drive from the centre of our fair city, this lethal type of nettle grows in abundance. It is also encountered by deerstalkers roving the hills around the district.

The nettle, which grows up to ten feet high, is found mainly in stream beds. People who have been stung by it generally feel tired and drowsy, but in most cases recover from it readily with no serious after effects.


A close-up view of the stinging nettle shows its rows of lethal stings


Leaves have a line of stings down the centre


Mr Crone pictured examining an area of nettle near Longbush


A map of the Gisborne district showing known areas of the nettle, was made available by Mr Geoff Crone, president of Gisborne Deerstalkers' Assn.