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The Gisborne Photo News



Gisborne Orchestral Society, 1898


This old picture sent in by Mr S. Ledger shows what was probably the first established orchestra in Gisborne. Most of its members have passed on, but Mrs A. C. Foster, then Miss Palairet, who was the pianist, and who is seated in the centre, lives at 103 Whitaker Street, and was able to identify some members who were unknown to Mr Ledger. Front row: James Brown, -----, Mrs Colin Dunlop, Mrs Foster, Mrs R. Crawford (Miss Boylon), Eddie Parnell. Middle row: Charlie Adair, Parnell, F. Palairet, Massey, William Marr (conductor), -----, Graham, Tom Morrison, Piesse. Back row: A. Beer, ----, Mainland Foster, ----, Jack Ormond, Charlie Hiatt, Jimmy Chrisp.