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The Gisborne Photo News



Tietjen's Cut


Everyone who has crossed the Matawhero traffic bridge is familiar with the lower cut in the Waipaoa River, but Tietjen's cut, a few miles upstream, is not so familiar.

This cut, an integral part of the Waipaoa river control scheme, is 45 chains long, and eliminates a 2½ mile section of the river. When these pictures were taken it was carrying the whole of the river flow. It is situated about a mile below the Waerenga-a-hika hotel.

Cut through level pasture land, the bypass was excavated originally to a width of 15ft. Now it is approximately 50 feet wide, should ultimately erode to a width of 200ft or more. It will then be able to carry the river in full flood.


Looking down Tietjen's cut. Note swift flow of water from original river bed. Cut has a fall of 6ft in ½ mile, compared with normal fall thereabouts of 1.1ft per ½ mile.


Viewed from lower end, channel has appearance of miniature Panama Canal


Blasting operations have opened up huge cracks in unwanted corner at entrance to cut. This section should now erode away.


Looking across river at entrance to cut (left foreground), view shows old river bed without its river.