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The Gisborne Photo News



Roving Camera


The Pirates fourth grade team, which has completed an exceptional season in the Poverty Bay Rugby Union's competitions. The team won the fourth grade competition, scored 280 points, and had only 22 points scored against them. They also won the Efficiency Cup. Back row: L. R. H. Brown, B. Hair, F. Atkins, A. McKinley, D. Malcolm, B. G. Main. Middle row: F. Amor, G. Tidswell, K. Tait, B. Kerr, I. Tidswell, J. Smith (coach). Front row: B. Bennett, T. Ria (vice-captain), J. Cowan (captain), L. Cribb, D. Elliott.


Humorous moments at the Selwyn Toogood shows at Gisborne included the customary hunt for the boy with the "dirtiest knees". At left is Pete Carlyle, who won this doubtful honour on the second night, had a long session with the compere on the stage steps. At right is boy who called out "Chicken," as Selwyn was swallowing one of his raw eggs. He was brought to stage, where Selwyn kept glowering at him and thrusting a glass-and-egg at him. Eventually the boy took the egg and downed it at a gulp, to everyone's amusement.